Our Mission

The Mission of the Jonathan Foundation is to touch the lives of at risk teens through assessment, education, and support.

About Jonathan

Learn more about Jonathan, my youngest son. Jonathan grew up in church and accepted Christ when he was 9 years old. .

Links & Resources

A collection of useful links and resources about suicide risk assessment and mental health diagnosis and treatment such as Attention Deficit and Bipolar disorder.

Project 2025

The Jonathan Foundation is aligning with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in PROJECT 2025. The PROJECT 2025 campaign aims to reduce the rate of suicide by 20 percent by the year 2025.

We are launching three new strategic community awareness campaigns in support of PROJECT 2025.

Brighter Days Conference

Our upcoming conference is a culmination of work to support AFSP’s Project 2025, aiming to reduce suicide by 20% in healthcare, education, and first responders. Dr. Daniel Amen will be our keynote speaker.

Your Support Counts

We now need your support to continue
to create an environment that will give the next generation of young people the chance to be aware of suicide risk assessment