Lynn Bulloch
President, Mom Survivor
Lorcan Lucey
Chairman of the Board, Ambassador, Corporate Partner
Christine Ciocco
Director, Initiatives
Gary Bulloch
Step-Dad Survivor, Sponsorship Lead
Jim Frederick
Ambassador, Run Volunteer
Brittney Smith
Family Board Member, Run Volunteer, Registration*
Savannah Wright
Director, Communications
Carolyn Jeffords
Administration and Graphic Design
Steve Smith
Dad Survivor, Sponsor Lead, Run Volunteer
Dee Hoehn
LPC, Steering Committee Chair
Debbie Lowder
Bereaved Mom, The Compassionate Friends
Helen George
Mom Survivor and Project Lead, The Will George Project and Duffel Bag project
Gracelyn Elmendorf
Mon Survivor and Project Lead, The Robert Duffee Project
Nadine Livingston
PDMH, Clinical Director