Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR)

QPR, an acronym for Question, Persuade, and Refer, is a structured suicide prevention training program aimed at empowering individuals to recognize, intervene, and potentially save lives. It equips participants with the skills to identify warning signs of suicidal ideation, engage in direct communication about suicidal thoughts, persuade individuals to seek professional assistance, and refer them to appropriate support resources. This evidence-based approach emphasizes the importance of early intervention and proactive engagement in addressing suicidal crises within communities.Learn more by going to the QPR Institute website.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Questionnaire

The ACEs questionnaire, short for Adverse Childhood Experiences questionnaire, is a tool used to assess individuals’ exposure to traumatic events during their childhood. It typically consists of questions about various adverse experiences such as abuse, neglect, household dysfunction, or exposure to violence. The questionnaire aims to identify adverse childhood experiences that may have long-term impacts on an individual’s physical, emotional, and mental health outcomes, helping healthcare professionals and researchers understand the relationship between childhood trauma and later-life health issues. Learn more at

Amen Clinics

Amen Clinics are medical facilities founded by Dr. Daniel Amen, a psychiatrist and brain disorder specialist. They specialize in brain health, offering comprehensive evaluations using brain imaging technology like SPECT scans to diagnose and treat conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, and traumatic brain injury. The clinics employ a holistic approach, integrating psychiatry, neurology, and complementary therapies to optimize brain function and overall well-being. Learn more by visiting their website.

Love and Logic Institute

The Love and Logic Institute is an organization focused on providing parenting and teaching techniques aimed at fostering healthy relationships and responsible behavior in children. Founded by Jim Fay and Foster W. Cline, M.D., Love and Logic emphasizes empathy, setting limits with love, and allowing children to experience the natural consequences of their actions. Their approach encourages adults to maintain a balance between showing empathy and holding children accountable for their choices, ultimately aiming to raise confident, responsible, and independent individuals. Visit their website.

Other Valuable Resources

National Action Alliance’s National Strategy For Suicide Prevention 

Action Alliance National Priorities  

Three Priorities: To achieve the greatest impact on reducing suicide in the nation, the Action Alliance is currently supporting work on three priorities areas: 

 The Action Alliance continues to further progress in other areas critical to advancing the National Strategyhigh-impact suicide prevention researchdata and surveillance, access to lethal means, and lived experience. 

 The National Strategy for Suicide Prevention Implementation Assessment Report (Impact Group, 2017) describes progress achieved to date and offers recommendations for future action.