Our Mission

The Mission of the JCS Foundation for Teens is to touch the lives of at risk teens through assessment, education, and support.


The Vision of the JCS Foundation for Teens is to provide a caring Christian resource for the next generation that touches 30 communities across the nation by 2014.

Services Provided Include:

  • Promote suicide risk assessment screening with high school and college school systems.

  • Promote awareness building and education of mental illness and addiction in the local schools and community.

  • Provide online self-testing for Attention Deficit and Bipolar disorder.

  • Provide an online referral network for mental health diagnosis and treatment.

  • Provide outreach to youth mental health facilities.

The Jonathatn Foundation Strategic Initiatives

  • Adopt-a-Teen program caring for 60 teens in local inpatient behavioral health facility (year round).
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  • BE THAT FRIEND” Suicide Awareness and Prevention Campaign (annually during the month of September).
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  • Mothers Against Suicide, mothers of suicide united in activism, support, and sisterhood (year round).